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you know it’s getting real when your favorite character is set as the background for every device you own


500万倍可愛い♡「ねんどろいど 蒼葉&蓮」で遊んでみたぜベイビー!

that fucking cake the entire dmmd fandom (via aoarisu)





Horse… that is all

Jean Kirschtein: life prior to recon corps

I can’t breathe

bad decision, yahoo, really


whats the point of having a crush if you never have a chance???



when someone ships my OTP with the same burning passion that i do


when someone ships my unpopular OTPs with the same burning passion that i do



Un lugar pensado para gatos

Luego te compras algo y se vuelven locos por la caja.

high res


I don’t know what I have to do…. so yeah more kouao.

high res


guess who just finished playing Dmmd?

i might actually make that shirt real

high res





Wow everyone look at this- this is an amazing tablet, and I wish I had seen it before I just dropped $170 on a small intuos 5

This is called a Tursion  Huion tablet- looks pretty simple right- kind of like a bamboo

here’s the thing. This tablet has 2024 levels of pressure- that is the equivalent  to the pressure an intuos 5 currently has (retail price: $229 for the smallest)

You can get this lovely  tablet for under $50 dollars on amazon

Only thing this beautiful table it lacking is a few simple buttons, but still, I mean, its drawing area is even bigger on average then most Wacom’s small tablets- and from the reviews ive seen on it people are very impressed….so just spreading the word around that Wacom isn’t the only one that is making good tablets- the more the company is  spread perhaps they will come out with even better products that not only match up to Wacom, but are with in our price range for once!

You an buy one below at the link!

I literately just bought one of these and got it today omfg, its great you guys ok!

Reblogging for my drawing friends.

I have one of these, and I can attest to their fantasticness. much better than the old one I had.